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Buyers Guide: Keeping You Warm & Informed


• Buying firewood is good for woodlands! Well managed woodlands need to be thinned to allow light in and encourage new growth – buying firewood helps support management which is good for habitat quality, biodiversity and the landscape.

• Buying firewood supports local jobs and communities in the North of England – rather than economies of oil producing countries.

• Burning wood is carbon neutral – releasing carbon that was stored when the tree grew. Providing we replant trees we’ve cut down, which in the UK we certainly do, it’s sustainable.

• Think about where your heating energy comes from and how much damage it’s doing to the environment. Heating with wood is cost effective and carbon neutral – giving you a warm glow, inside and out!

• Hardwood and softwood have roughly the same energy by weight – the difference is density. Therefore you need about 1.5 times the volume of softwood logs as hardwood to produce the same amount of energy.

• Any unseasoned wet wood (hard or soft) will cause tar to build up, always ensure that the WOOD IS KILN OR SEASONED DRY.


Burning wood is different to burning coal, wood needs to be far hotter before it burns efficiently (around 1,000 degrees celsius). Open fires often struggle to get to
these temperatures and therefore waste a lot of the energy in the wood.

Because of this, the same amount of wood will often produce about 3 times more heat in a stove than an open fire. Also an open fire has far more air going through it, which has to come into the building from the cold air outside, therefore with these two factors combined a stove could give as much as 8 times more heat than an open fire from the same amount of wood.


Anchor Logs sells kiln dried hardwood logs and seasoned logs.
Moisture content approx 20%
Logs are approx house brick size
Logs are sold by volume (Dumpy bag measurements are 0.85x.085×0.85cm).


As wood dries it’s volume doesn’t change, it’s weight does. Always buy in volume.

Energy wasted by burning wet logs

Use dry, kiln dried logs!

Easier to light the fire

Kiln dried wood is far easier to light and gets up to temperature faster… use dry well seasoned logs.

Less tar and other nasties

Unseasoned wet wood doesn’t burn hot enough to burn off tar and soot which will end up in your stove and chimney…use kiln dried logs!

More control over the fire

With kiln dried wood you can easily turn down the fire if you want, wet unseasoned wood will often go out if you turn it down…use dry, well seasoned logs!

Log Stores

Ideally store your kiln dried logs in a log store so that they remain dry ready for use. Click here to see ours!

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